Venezuela is not only popular in terms of their representatives in the Ms. Universe; its innate wonders make people equate the word “beauty” to this Latin American Country. Located at the northern coast of South America, this tropical country can provide you a trip like no other with its rich biodiversity, friendly locals and stunning landscapes. Venezuela is also rich in oil, which adequately support its economy. Famous for its Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall, Venezuela defines beauty with what it has to offer. So get ready, prepare your best swimwear as we travel to the land blessed by nature and intimately rich in culture.

Angel Falls

The Angel Falls is Venezuela’s cream of the crop; it is the world’s tallest waterfalls standing at 979 meters, roughly a kilometer in height. The water comes from a river in the Peak of Auyantepui Mountain, and then flows to the Kerep River. A panoramic view of the Angel Falls is perfect at it just shows the creativity of nature in crafting beauty in this Latin American land. Although swimming in the bottom of the falls is impossible, still taking a view of this breathtaking landscape will satisfy your relaxation needs. During the wet season, the waterfall triples the amount of water it releases and thereby giving you a picture that somehow depicts pouring of blessings from heaven.

Orinoco Delta

Located in the eastern side of Venezuela, the Orinoco Delta is a fan-shaped landscape perfect for picnics and lunch-outs. The scenery provides you a colorful twist especially when sunset comes. The river can truly satisfy those who want to cast their baits, and if you are one of them, prepare you fishing gear. Locals can provide you a tour in the delta just so you could experience your stay to the fullest when you are in Venezuela. But if you prefer to wait for the perfect sunset shot, the place can provide you a quiet time to rest as you wait for the sun to go down, for you to take a photo, which can be the best sunset shot you’ll ever

La Gran Sabana

The La Gran Sabana is one of the richest places in Venezuela in terms of biodiversity. Located in the Brazilian-Venezuelan border, this picturesque wonder is the home to some of Venezuela’s endemic species. The Gran Sabana is found atop a plateau that is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level and is accompanied by large table top mountains known as tupuis. To fully maximize your La Gran Sabana escapade, it is highly recommended that you bring a 4-wheeled drive car with you so that you can gain access to the best spots. The flowers are so pleasant and so as the morning weather. This is a very good way to free yourself from stress.

Mochima National Park

Just like any other national parks, the Mochima National Park is home to some endemic species and deserves biodiversity protection from concerned agencies. This land area is so vast that it covers 94,930 hectares and it stretches itself to Venezuela’s northern shores. The place is perfect for beach lovers for its fine white sands and majestic views. It can also be paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Get your best swimwear and take a dip in the northeastern shores of Venezuela, nowhere else than in Mochima National Park. This park is threatened because of a new freeway and a new pipeline both passing through the park. Unfortunately, more was not done to protect this beautiful area.

Puerto La Cruz

If you’re up for the best beach experience, there is one place where you will taste more than satisfaction. Puerto La Cruz is Venezuela’s prime beach complex, and is located in the eastern part of Venezuela, just the neighbor of the beaches of Mochima National Park. Imagine fine white beaches and a welcoming metropolitan plus warm locals, the place is just perfect for you to unwind. Get your things ready, bring your sun-screen lotions with you and dive in to the cool waters of Puerto La Cruz.