Southern South America

South America is a tall continent with Brazil occupying space in both the northern and southern parts.  Because of the amount of space and natural wonders it represents on its own, it is its own region.  Southern South America stretches from the tops of Paraguay to the most southern tips of Chile.

You are invited to take a moment and come explore the natural wonders of South America located in the southern region of the continent.  The region is spectacularly stunning and picturesque.


Argentina Natural Wonders


Argentina might be the capitol of natural wonders on the continent.  Discover her now.

Chile Natural Wonders


Chile is tall and narrow, but it is deep in wonders of nature.  Come explore.

Paraguay Natural Wonders


Most people don’t think of us for natural wonders, but you may be surprise. 

Uruguay Natural Wonders


Uruguay sits on the east coast providing access to beaches and more.  Explore now.