Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the popular tourist destinations of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The peak is about 396 meters high and resembles the shape of refined loaf sugar. The peak is the only example of the monolithic morros made of granite and quartz that mount directly in a straight form from the edge of the water from the mouth of Guanabara Bay. Sugarloaf Mountain of Rio de Janeiro is one of the amazing places of the peninsula that protrude to the Atlantic Ocean offering remarkable scenic beauty to the beholder.The two other mountains near the sugarloaf mountain are the Morro da Babilônia or Babylon Mountain and the Morro da Urca or the Urca’s Mountain.

The travelers can reach the summit of the Sugarloaf Mountain by taking two cable cars. These are glass-paneled cable car also called teleférico and have the ability of carrying 65 passengers at one time. The cable runs upward to a route of about 1400 meters in between the Pão de Açúcar peaks and Cara de Cão. The interval of each cable car is 20 minutes.

It was first constructed in the year 1912 and reconstructed a number of times in 1973 followed by recent renovation in 2008. The cable car starts from the base up to the zenith of the mountain Babilônia, followed by the Urca mountain and finally to the Pão de Açúcar mountain.

The plight forms one of the prime urban climbing region of the world and has over 270 routesand some of the routs following Sugarloaf are Italianos, Stop Chimney, Lagartão, and the Ibis