Sierra Nevada de Merida

Sierra Nevada de Mérida is one of the world’s nature wonder that is located in South America. It is the highest mountain in Venezuela standing at approximately 16000 ft high. The sierra de Mérida Mountain hosts one of the highest peaks in Venezuela that is located in Pico Bolivar. This high peak stands at 16 342 ft. The habitat at Sierra Nevada de Mérida is comprised of grasslands and moors, glaciers and scree slopes, being a tropical rainforest.

Sierra Nevada de Mérida has the Pico espejo which is a platform in this mountain and is located near the Pico Bolivar in Venezuela.  The platform is a 4765 m high summit that makes it accessible to the peaks of this mountain.

At Sierra Nevada de Mérida is the Pico bonpanland that bring about touristry in this area. It stands at 4883 m and the third largest peak and it is located at libertador municipality, which then translates to a major tourist attraction at the Sierra Nevada de Mérida national park. The Pico Bolivar being the highest mountain in Sierra Nevada de Mérida is a snow peaked mountain with glaciers. The Pico Humboldt is the second highest peak and is located at Sierra Nevada de Mérida stands at 4940 m, and it is surrounded by permanent glaciers.

While still at the Sierra Nevada de Mérida, it is possible to see excellent vegetation, and spectacular views, but accompanied by the silence at this area. One will have plenty to see when you visit the Sierra Nevada de Mérida.