Shell Beach

Shell beach Guyana is a beach that is famous for the sea turtle species. The four main turtle species are the hawksbill, the leather back,  the green and the Oliver ridley. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana in Waini Barima, on the border of Venezuela. The shell beach lies on a 140km stretch.

The name shell beach came from the sea beaches that have a large accumulation of washed up sea shells. These shells are usually dead and empty mostly shells from marine molluscs, and also other animal shells. The shells that comprise the shell beach at Barima –Waini Guyana are sea shells either broken or whole valves. The existence of shell beaches is a rare occurrence since most beaches are comprised of rock particles like sand, gravel, grit and pebbles.

The shell beach Barima-Waini Guyana is inhabited by some of the world’s most endangered turtle species. They are the leather back, hawksbill, green and Oliver ridley. They used to be slaughtered for their meat and eggs, but since becoming an endangered species they are now protected by nongovernmental conservation programs. Though not formerly protected, there are initiatives to protect the beach because of the turtle species.

The shell beach at Barima –Waini Guyana is a beautiful snow white beach that is full of tiny shells that are dead and are either whole or broken shells from sea animals or molluscs. The beach is a beautiful site lined with greens and blues especially on a calm day.