Sangay National Park

Sangay National Park, Morona Santiago, Ecuador has two active volcanoes namely Sangay and Tungrahua as well as glaciers and tropical rainforests. The Sangay is a volcano that is an active strato-volcano. It is located on the south most corner of the country. The Sangay Volcano is famous for its explosive venting and spewing of clouds of thick ashes which has formed a dome as from the year 1976. The National Park entered the elite list of Heritage Sites in the year 1983. 1996 saw the National Park made it to the list of World’s Heritage Sites in Danger as a result of rampant poaching and extensive grazing in and around the park, park encroachment and unplanned road construction. In 2005 the Park made it out of the UNESCO list of endangered species.

The Sangay National Park, Morona Santiago, Ecuador forms an important shelter for endangered and rare species found in the Andes like the spectacled bears and mountain tapirs. Others include margays, fox, White – tailed deer, giant otters, jaguars, Brazilian tapirs, ozelots, northern Pudus, little red brocket deer and about 300 to 400 species of birds. These will mostly be found in the alpine and subalpine areas.

The Sangay National Park, Morona Santiago, Ecuador is accessible almost all year round and both seasons have their unique features. The park and its flora and fauna are known to bring visitors and tourists all year round. Accommodation can be arranged with the local travel and tour companies.