San Rafael Waterfall

San Rafael waterfall is an impressive display of nature, over 500 feet high, it is a massive volume of water, that is the largest water fall and it is located in Ecuador. Falling at 150 metres height, they are an impressive and spectacular waterfall. To be specific they are found at the foot of an active volcano that rises out of the Amazon jungle on the Andes. San Rafael waterfall is on the border of Napo and Sucumbíos .near the tena city and baeza. The surrounding is green tropical vegetation

San Rafael Waterfalls are considered the highest and mightiest fall in Ecuador is also famous for its bird population. It is a rich tourist area being a rainforest area, and is in the Amazon north of Quito. The place has beautiful scenery, as you drive through you will not miss to see spectacular sites like the grotto that can be viewed from the road side at Quito. The climate at this area is cold and rainy; the area is surrounded by highland vegetation.

The area is very cold, but one will not miss to find resorts that will offer hot water pools so that you can get comfortable while visiting the San Rafael waterfalls. At this fall’s the river quijo is said to empty here, the spectacular san Rafael waterfall view is spectacular as one can also see the active volcano ,and the explosions and lava flow, this active volcano bears the same name. For the visitors at the San Rafael water fall, there is trusted guide that will give you a tour.