This landlocked country is isolated with other countries by its geography and the economy as well. But amidst the economic status of the country, they have performed well as to being known around the world. This South American country also possesses some of nature’s wonders, but it was not until the recent years that tourism has been developed in the country. Tourists and locals in Paraguay go to the famous spots to experience one-of-a-kind features that the country can offer. Just see for yourself the wonders that Paraguay has.

Iguassu Falls
Being a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, the Iguassu Falls carries a stunning and wonderful beauty with the waters running down such a wide cliff that is twice the width of Negara Falls. The great picturesque give the tourists an overwhelming awe. Aside from the majestic falls, the surrounding is a jungle that is filled with different floras and faunas, as well as land formations. The Iguassu falls borders the three countries in South America. Boating and other water activities can be made here to provide tourists with the quality time they need.

Gran Chaco
Found on the lowland region of Rio de la Plata basin, this sparsely populated plain gives an excellent home to over 5000 species of which almost 500 of them are relatives of the cultivated species but is wild. The fauna in the plains come from the Amazon and Atlantic forests and a small percent of endemics. Endangered species such as the guanaco, jaguar, tapir, and the giant armadillo can be found in the Gran Chaco areas. This place has now been monitored by the UNESCO for protection and preservation of the biodiversity it provides.

Mbatoví Eco-Reserve
Because of the biodiversity that this area has, the government protected Mbatoví. This eco-reserve is found between Paraguarí and Piribebuy, in the middle of the Cordillera del Los Altos. Panoramic view in here is excellent because of the beauty and diversity of ecosystems. Endangered species are also found here such as the Chachi fern. The waters in the reserve is unpolluted that is why species in the area has been flourishing. Birds, reptiles and mammals are also abundant in Mbatoví eco-reserve. This is a great place for studying, as well as for tourists who want excitement in their life.
Cerro Cora Natural Park

Found in the Amambay region, this natural park is the biggest area in Paraguay that is protected by the government. The region is made up of dry tropical forests, savannah and steppe hills that contains not only a beautiful natural wonder, but also has the history of the country’s culture such as caves and petro glyphs estimated to be made during the Pre-Colombian years. Tourists can enjoy bird watching here as well as the activities provided by the parks administrator. Be sure not to miss this place when you are planning on a trip to the wonderful country of Paraguay.

Wildlife in Paraguay
This landlocked country is comprised of flourishing grasslands where the animals live. Especially in the Chaco areas, a great number of wild animals are found such as the endangered jaguar, pumas, and ocelots. There are small animals that strive in the lands of Paraguay like the rare Geoffroy’s cats; the Chacoan peccaries which were believed to be extinct; giant anteaters; wolves and Brazilian tapirs. The birds found in this country are the jabirus, storks, parrots and tropical songbirds. These animals mentioned, and many more, are the wildlife that Paraguay possesses, that is why most of the biological hotspot in this country are being protected by the government to stop the illegal hunting and industrial developments.