Neblina da Pica

Neblina da Pica is a high pyramid or tooth like shaped mountain that stands at 2994 metres high and is located in Brazil. It is said to lie on the Brazilian border and Venezuelan border at  Pico de Marco. Neblina da Pica is sometimes said to be the highest point in South America, and being on the border of Venezuela and Brazil but this isn’t true, Neblina da Pica is a sandstone block that is tilted so that it forms a pyramid or sharp rock like shape that stands at approximately 9000ft ASL.  The border of Neblina da Pica at Venezuela has impressive hills with less abrupt gradients. The neighbouring peak however is sharp contrast, being the secondary summit is round shaped, and smooth.

Neblina da Pica is said to be a snowless mountain, with no frost or sub freezing temperatures, the area only experiences cold temperatures. The surrounding which is the Amazon region is said to be remote and uninhabitable, the name speaks for itself Neblina da Pica – which actually means clouded and hidden from the view most times.

Neblina da Pica is an area frequented by climbers, the area is restricted but the climbers are accompanied by a guide who is accredited, the climbing can be hard and challenging but still there are people willing to take the trek. Below the peak of the mountain there is said to be gold panners that are the base camp for those steep climbing areas.