Machalilla National Park

Machalilla National Park, Macabi, Ecuador has a variety of attractions which include Isla de la Plata, Los Frailes, Salango, Puerto Rican beaches and Puerto Cayo. The name is derived from the pre Columbian cultures that lived here. The Park covers a total area of 136,000 acres with an average temperature of 24 degree Celsius being heavily influenced by the Humboldt current in the Pacific which helps to conserve the dry tropical and humid forests.

Air transport will serve you as far as Quito from where you may use road transport. The Isla de la Plata is a major attraction in Machalilla National Park, Macabi, Ecuador. The name means Silver Island. There are many ecological hostals where one can stay. From Puerto Lopez, you will need to take boat ride to the Silver Island. On route to the island, whales and dolphins can be seen. Other attractions in the island include scuba diving during the summer when the waters are warmer than the surrounding. Marine life is abundant due to the fact that the island’s fringes are made of coral reefs. The island has two primary hiking routes which offer some spectacular sights. Some of the wildlife that may be encountered includes masked boobies, albatrosses, blue-footed bobbies and frigate birds. One is also afforded the opportunity to purchase a five day ticket that can be used anywhere in the park.
The other attraction in the Machalilla National Park, Macabi, Ecuador is the Angua Blanca community which comprises of 52 families located north of Puerto Lopez. They have a ceramics museum and photos of its inhabitants. Attractions likely to be sighted here include the iguanas, motmot, hornero and splendid sights.