Kanuku Mountains

The Kanuku Mountains refer to a cluster of mountains that are found in Guyana, upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region. The name Kanuku means the rich forest in the Macushi dialect which is usually in reference to the diverse wildlife found here. The Rupinuni river divides the Kanuku mountains into the eastern and southern Kanuku mountains respectively.

The low lying forests are home to about 60% of all the species of birds located in Guyana. The mountains are also home to 150 mammal species or 80% of all the animals found in Guyana. The most common species include the Harpy eagle, Arapaima and the giant otter. The Kanuku Mountains rise to about 3000 feet above sea level. There were concerns raised about the construction of a road system to link the coastal Guyana with the Brazilian territories. The said road passes near the Kanuku ranges and is a source of potentially unsustainable resource exploitation. There are various streams that are found in the Kanuku Mountains and these include Kumaka creek, Moruiway River, Wild Cashew creek, Ushawau River, Puwib River, Mormiswau River, Shulinab River, Tatuwau River, Shelina, Manariwau river among others. Other attractions in the Kanuku Mountains include mountains like Kanuku Mountains and Atawa mountains, and raids like the Witaru falls and Illumia rapids.

Accommodation in the Kanuku Mountains can be found in the many hotels and resorts located all around the Kanuku Mountains and nearby towns. The weather in Kanuku is fairy wet and a short dry season which is the appropriate time for one who wants to visit the Kanuku Mountains.