Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls, Potaro is a voluminous waterfall found on the Potaro River. This is located in Potaro-Siparuni region in Central Guyana. The falls are to be found in the Kaieteur National Park. The main water fall measures 226 metres but when the figure is added with the cascades 251 metres. The high volume of water dropping on the Kaieteur waterfall has earned it a reputation as being the largest single drop of water in the world. Kaieteur waterfall is probably the world’s most powerful waterfall. This is evidenced in the fact that it has a water volume that is five times that of Niagara Falls in Canada which is renowned worldwide. It also has about two times the height of the Victoria Falls on River Zambezi. The Kaieteur Falls are ranked 19th largest waterfall in the world and the 26th most idyllic and scenic waterfall in the world.

The Falls are a major foreign exchange earner for Guyana with respect to the number of tourists who flock Guyana to see them. The falls are found near Kaieteur National Park in the centre of the rainforests of Guyana. The rainy season is in September while the dry season is in February. For visitors who want to catch a full glimpse of the falls in all their glory should visit the Kaieteur waterfalls in September when the river is engorged with waters from the rain waters. In the dry season the waterfall is not as imposing, but it is still a sight to behold all the same.

The Kaieteur Falls are serviced by flights between Cheddi-Jagan International Airport In George Town and the ogle airport and The Falls airstrip.