Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest in Amazonas, Brazil is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Considered a natural wonder, the várzea or flooded forests contains one of the richest ecosystems in the Amazon basin. This is due to the biological diversity and productivity from these forests, not to mention the countless natural resources obtained from them.

The Flooded Forest is 300,000 square kilometers, comprising 6% of the total ecosystem of the Amazon basin. The natural resources they provide gives life to 1.5 million people who live in the area. An astonishing feat for something that is in the danger of extinction.

Flooded Forests are often found in the middle of the Solimões river, where Mamirauá, the most well-known flooded forest is located, is a historic site for most people. In the late 19 century up to the present, the Mamirauá has been given high value because of the amount of natural resources found in the area. The resources are so numerous that neighboring counties started to come to these flooded forests to provide their wealth.

Aside from being a picturesque place, the Flooded Forest in Amazonas, Brazil is worth a visit when considering the Amazon Basin for a stop. A large quantity of animal and plant diversity has largely contributed to the reputation of the place. It has also been placed under watchful preservation since increase fishing in the area posed a threat of extinction to some native fishes in the area around most Flooded Forest in Amazon Basin.