Emas National Park

Emas National Park in Goias, Brazil is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best compliment a wild life nature preserve can have. Also named as Parque Nacional das Emas in Portuguese, it literally translates to “Rhea National Park”. It is found nestled between the states of Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul in the Central Region of Brazil.

Emas National Park is unlike any other nature preserve park. It is closed and tall trees are can seldom be seen, but tall termite houses seem to litter the area. This is good since the termites provide sustenance to the various species that live there. The Emas National Park lies at the North East of another natural wonder, the Pantanal. The varying seasons allows the park to house a diverse collection of species both in animal, aquatic and plant vegetation. It is also home to countless lush green lands, savannahs and small forests.

Perhaps the most marvelous quality of the Emas National Park is that is home to an astonishing number of birds that has taken refuge in the park. Bird watchers and lovers alike will find the Emas National Park the best place to do bird watching. Many have also said that the park houses some of the most extinct bird species.

It has often been compared to the savannah’s and grasslands of Africa, even said to rival its beauty and specie diversity. It is because of this that tourists and visitors flock to the Emas National Park.