El Cocuy National Park

South America boasts of its many wonders, may it be natural or man-made. El Cocuy National Park is one of them. This national park is locally known as Parque Nacional Natural de Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Chita y Güicán, but tourists and wonders alike call it Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy. Found in Arauca and Boyaca, Colombia, this natural park is 1, 181 m2 or 3,057 km2 wide. It has an elevation of 1,968 to 17,482 feet.

El Cocuy National Park is also located in three areas as well, Boyacá, Arauca and Casanare. And because of this it is home to diverse forms of flora and fauna. Some of the more famous inhabitants of El Cocuy National Park are the puma and chinchilla rabbit. Flora is similarly diverse, with cardoon cactus and sietecueros trees in the fore front.

El Cocuy National Park is a wonder all of its own. Visitors and tourists will be offered a chance to relax and enjoy themselves while being immersed in the local way of life if the people around this safe haven. The range contains the National Park of Venezuela, called the National Park Henri Pittier, which will treat you with a spectacle of exotic plants and animals. The park also houses rivers where you could go fishing or have a swim with the family. A coffee plantation is also found in El Cocuy National Park and the numerous Venezuelan chocolate makers in the park are always worth a visit. A sugar mill and several architectural wonders are also found in the El Cocuy National Park. In the evenings, the park transports the visitors back in time as they are exposed to the traditional dances and practices.