Choco Forest

Do not let the name deceive you, but the Choco Forest is as wonderful if not as sweet as the name itself. Found in Choco, Colombia, it is considered as one of the natural wonders of the world. The forest boast of diverse plant and animal life. And it is for no reason. It is considered by many experts as the richest lowland when it comes to flora and fauna. This is not the only remarkable thing about the Choco Forest. It also serves as shelters for indigenous people in the region. Lately it has been under watchful eyes because of the threat of destruction.

The sodden forests of Chocó-Darién, as it is locally known, is found in the eastern coasts of Panama, particularly in the provinces of Darién and Kuna-Yala, to the entire Pacific coast of Colombia, more specifically in the areas of Chocó, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, and Nariño. The annual average temperature of the area is 23.6 degrees Celcius. Becaue of its geographical location, the Choco Forest receives a vast amount of precipitation each year, with short dry seasons between the months of January to march.

The Choco Forest is divided into five distinctive sections. The northern coast, where the hill country areas of Darién and Urabá are found; the Coastal Zone facing the Pacific; the central strip, which encompasses the northern wet and central forests and the the San Juan River; the next area is found to be in the hills of Carmen del Atrato and the San José del Palmar; lastly in the jungles along the Pacific slope.