Aparados Da Serra

The Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra loosely translated means Aparados Da Serra National Park. This park is located in the Serra Geral range of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. It was declared a national park in 1959 and is among one of the first Brazilian national parks, created in an effort to protect the Itaimbezinho canyon. The Aparados da Serra National Park covers an area of approximately 10,250 hectares.

The Aparados Da Serra National Park, is very popular due to its rich biodiversity of both flora and fauna. Evidence states that they are about 39 amphibian, 48 mammal and 143 bird species. Of these, the Aparados da Serra National Park boosts of the endangered fauna such as the Red-spectacled Amazon parrot, the Cougar, Brown howling money, Ocelot and the Maned Wolf.

The Aparados Da Serra National Park originally covered an area of 13,000 hectare but this was later hived off to create the Seral Geral National Park. Currently it covers an area of 10,250 hectares. The major obstacle to conservation efforts is the fact that the government only owns about 67 per cent of the land with the rest being owned by farmers. The farmers use traditional farming methods like the burning of grass in an effort to regenerate. Other threats to the Aparados da Serra National Park are poaching and invasion of flora from the areas surrounding the park.

The parks receive a lot of visitors from all the corners of the globe but will only allow a maximum of 1,500 visitors daily.