Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a word derived from the Spanish word Salto Angel which means what water fall of the deepest place. The angel falls is a magnificent waterfall in Venezuela. The waterfall is the world’s highest waterfall that has a height of 979 metres and a plunge of 807 metres. The Angel Falls, Venezuela begins her plunge at the edge of the Auyantempui Mountain located in the Canaima National Park, The Angel Falls has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Aftwer taking the torturous plunge, the river waters feed the Kerep River, which joins up with the Churun River before joining the Carrao River. The Angel Falls is so high that before the water hits the ground it has already turned into mist.

Angel Falls, Venezuela is one of most popular tourist attractions in Venezuela. Reaching the falls is a treacherous journey because the waster fall is located in an isolated jungle. Flights are available from Ciudad or Puerto Ordaz is necessary if one is to reach the Canaima base camp, which marks the starting point for the waters deep plunge. Visitors are advised to come to the Angel Falls, Venezuela a between the periods of June to December. During this time the water levels are deep enough to handle the wooden Curiaras as opposed to December all through to march when the water levels are very low.
As recently as 2009, The falls were nominated for the title new 7 wonders of Nature making it the third most voted wonders of the world. It has made it way to the top 28 of the most popular and currently is among the crème de la crème.

Angel Falls is a candidate for the 7 Natural Wonders of South America.