The Amazon river and Amazon rainforest encompass 9 different countries making it the largest wonder of nature in South America.  The Amazon River in the world and the Amazon forest is the largest rainforest in the world and accounts for over half of the world’s total rainforest.  There is 1.4 billion acres (500,000 sq km) of rainforest making up the Amazon forest.

Although the Amazon river and rainforest goes through 9 different countries, over 60% of it is accounted for by the Brazilian area.  Peru would account for the second greatest portion at 13% with the remaining 25%ish being attributed to Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela.

The Amazon river and rainforest is home to the greatest and largest collection of plant and animal life with 1 in 10 species from around the world being found in the area.  Wildlife includes 427 mammal species, 378 reptiles, 428 amphibians, 1,294 birds, and over 3,000 different fish.  One in five of all birds in the world are found within the Amazon rainforest boundaries.  In addition, there are 4o,000 different plants and over 2.5 million insect species.

The Amazon also account for 438,000 difference species of plants that have economical, pharmaceutical, or social value making it a medical and pharmaceutical haven.

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The Amazon is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of South America.