Argentina is the second largest country in Southern America and it famous of for its massive land area which is blessed with nature’s touch and is a home to different wonders that keep people from re-visiting the country. Argentina was a colony of Europe years back and since then, Argentina has become one of Latina America’s economic powerhouses. Getting to the country is easy as international flights are highly available. If one seeks to see the different wonders of Argentina, this article must be their first stepping stone. So let’s dive in to this Latin American country and explore Argentina, beyond its borders

Iguassu Falls

This is got to be Argentina’s prime destination, located in the province of Misiones. It is a complex system of waterfalls. There are some noting that Iguassu Falls is made up of 275 separate falls, however the locals say there are 75 separate falls. The waterfall is a best photo subject for landscape photographers and is one of the most tranquil places on earth. The amount of water and mist in the air often creates rainbows to be enjoyed by visitors. This is got to be your first destination if you want to get intimate with nature. This natural wonder will definitely never fail to let you get amazed.

Iguazu Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of South America.

You can view Iguazu Falls Pictures by visiting the Seven Natural Wonders website here.

Rio Correntoso and Lacar Lake

Rio Correntoso and Lacar Lake are two water related facets of nature located in Patagonia, Argentina and is a home to different kinds of flora and fauna. The lake is perfect for family river cruises and couples who want to spend serenity. The water color varies; in shallow parts the water is clear to deep blue, while in deep parts it is usually green. The lake reaches as deep as 167 meters. If you plan to visit the river, make sure to bring your swimming clothes with you, the water is truly inviting. Fishermen will also find that they can cast their baits in either the river or lake and wait for some big catches.

Mar del Plata Beaches

Mar del Plata is the best place for those who want to spend quality time with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located just south of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. The place will truly satisfy your beach cravings. The brown sands are the best for you and your family, building castles and bathing under the sun. Sunrise in the Mar del Plata beach area is also very tranquil; it makes you feel that the heavenly bodies are getting close to nature. Truly, the blue skies and cool waves of the Mar del Plata is an affirmation of it being a natural wonder. The area is also known for the seals adding to this wonder of nature.


If you are used to the tropical weather and you want to free off some body heat, there’s no other place to visit that in Bariloche. Bariloche is a mountain province located in the western part of central Argentina. It is a popular skiing destination, but do not worry if you don’t ski, you can always play in the ice. In some areas where there is not much ice, trekking is a very good thing to do. The heat of your body getting cooled by the low temperature brings out the challenge in you. The place is also perfect for taking a variety of landscape photographs with lakes, mountains, glacier ice, forests and more. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Argentina.


Patagonia is a mountain range along the Andes and is shared by Chile and Argentina. Trekking the mountain is a usual getaway for people who seek for adventure. For family outings, the place is a great camping site. You will enjoy the ever healthy greeneries and might even see different species of animals along your trek. In areas where temperature is not freezing, Patagonia has several lakes and streams for you to ford. You can also go fishing along its lakes, while the kids are enjoying their trail. Argentina is truly one naturally blessed country, and visiting its wonders should be one of your dreams.