Orinoco Delta

The Orinoco Delta, Venezuela, is a river delta, on Orinoco River before it divides itself into many tributaries which snake their way into the sea. Rio Grande is the primary distributary which empties its waters on the southern end of the delta whereas the second primary distributary is Cano Manamo which drains into the west periphery of the delta. The Orinoco delta covers vast areas which are permanent wetlands. Additionally, these permanent wetlands are seasonally flooded by waters from the freshwater forest swamps. This is as a result of the mangrove forests that have emerged in these wetlands. The other phenomenon that takes place on the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela, includes the flow of tide upstream. This phenomena means that the river direction changes as the river flows upstream.

The Orinoco Delta, Venezuela, is dotted by lack of lagoons, non-centric and oceanic. it is clustered into two systems, the first one occurring between and Cana araguo the Cano Manamo. These are among the areas with human populations living in the vicinity. The second system forms between the Rio Grande and the Cana Aragua.

The Orinoco Delta, Venezuela is just one of the 9 physical locations that make up Venezuela. It falls squarely on the Amacuro state just a few miles from Monagos State, making the estuaries of the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela in their totality.The area is predominantly wet all year round meaning that one can visit at any time because the conditions will remain virtually unchanged all year round.