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Considered the poorest in terms of economic status in Central South America, the Plurinational State of Bolivia still exhibits one of the most abundant resources in the continent. The territory is bounded by the neighbouring nations: Brazil (North and East), Peru (West), Chile (South-West) and Argentina and Paraguay (South). It became a landlocked country after surrendering its coastlines to Chile. ... Read More »


Yungas, La Paz, Bolivia is a forest stretch along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. The Yungas acts like a transitional zone between the eastern forests and the Andes. It exhibits neotropic Eco zones in that not only is it humid and rainy, but also warm. The forests in Yungas are diverse in terms of climatic variety ranging from ... Read More »

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, Peru, Bolivia is situated on the Peru-Bolivia border. It is 12,500 feet in altitude making it the highest lake that can be navigated in the world. Considering water volume, it is largest Lake in South America. The Lake comprises of two distinct sub basins interconnected by the strait of Tuquina, which at 2,620 feet is the narrowest point ... Read More »


Altiplano is a Spanish name that means a high plain. The high plain is situated in western-central South America at a point where the Andes are at their highest. The star attraction of the Altiplano is Lake Titicaca. The Altiplano is a region of an inland drainage found in Northern Chile, Argentina, Western Bolivia and South Peru. The Altiplano, Bolivia ... Read More »


The Pantanal is said to be a typical tropical wetland and the largest wetland of our Universe. The Pantanal stretches over the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Bolivia and Paraguay of Brazil that covers an area of about more than 100,000 square kilometers. It is the home to a number of sub-regional ecosystems having distinct geological as ... Read More »