Chile is a country located in South America with the Andes Mountains lined on its west and its shores are facing the Pacific Ocean. It can be viewed in the map as a very long narrow coastal strip, but it has a lot of things to offer, especially to those who long for a time to get linked with nature. The climate really varies, as it could be intensely dry in some parts but can be relatively cold in other areas. The length of Chile from north to south is said to be 4,630 kilometers and only runs about 430 kilometers latitude. We shall now explore this South American country and take a closer look on its natural wonders

Biobio River

The Biobio River is Chile’s second longest river with a length of 380 kilometers. Along the river vegetation made of bushes, trees and some flowering plants. When weather cooperates, the river waters vary from clear to deep green in color. River rafting is one of the most exciting activities in the river and you will be pumped with adrenal hormones as you paddle it hard to conquer the river’s rapids. A river cruise is also ideal for people who would love to spend time enjoying fresh air and that warm river feeling.

Ranco Lake

Located in the province of Ranco in Chile, Ranco lake is the fourth largest lake in Chile and is a popular destination for family outings and friendly getaways. On the eastern side of the lake, the sunset view is magnificent, which is a good photo subject for photo enthusiasts. You can also enjoy fishing along the Ranco Lake and try your best for a big catch. Usually during summer, the lake is perfect for outings and intimate time with nature. You can also put up your tent and camp along the lakeside, just make arrangements with the area’s officials.

Vina del Mar

The name itself affirms nature’s touch, the Vineyard by the Sea. Vina del Mar is a beach complex located in Chile’s central coast which faces the Pacific Ocean. During summer, beach goers would flock and enjoy the brownish-white sand and the strong and challenging waves from the Pacific. As of now, there are already skyscrapers built near the beach coast, but this does not hold anything from keeping Vina del Mar a natural wonder. Despite modernization, the beach has always been a product of nature that seeks to provide people the wonders of the earth.

Los Lagos Region

This is the region of the lakes. Los Lagos Region is a home to different natural wonders including the waterfall that can be found in the Chaicas River. The waterfall is just short, but the view during the day is magnificent and will surely never fail to delight your cameras for every photo you take. The Alerce Andino National Park can be the best place for nature lovers, it is a home to different species of birds and flowers. Trekking is ideal for adventure seeking families and trippers, you will be embraced by the vegetation and tall trees.

Osorno Volcano

Osorno Volcano is an active volcano in Chile Famous for its very distinct white top covered with ice. It somehow resembles the famous volcano in Japan, Mt. Fuji. But Mt. Osorno has got a lot of things to offer, including its rich biodiversity. Charles Darwin even took a glimpse of this volcano when it erupted in 1835 on his expedition on board the Beagle. A plain view of the volcano is suitable for those who would love to see how beautiful a tame volcano is. So when you are in Chile, rest assured that these natural wonders will never fail you.