Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest in Amazonas, Brazil is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Considered a natural wonder, the várzea or flooded forests contains one of the richest ecosystems in the Amazon basin. This is due to the biological diversity and productivity from these forests, not to mention the countless natural resources obtained from them. The Flooded ... Read More »

Emas National Park

Emas National Park in Goias, Brazil is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best compliment a wild life nature preserve can have. Also named as Parque Nacional das Emas in Portuguese, it literally translates to “Rhea National Park”. It is found nestled between the states of Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul in the Central Region of Brazil. ... Read More »

El Cocuy National Park

South America boasts of its many wonders, may it be natural or man-made. El Cocuy National Park is one of them. This national park is locally known as Parque Nacional Natural de Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Chita y Güicán, but tourists and wonders alike call it Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy. Found in Arauca and Boyaca, Colombia, this natural park ... Read More »

Choco Forest

Do not let the name deceive you, but the Choco Forest is as wonderful if not as sweet as the name itself. Found in Choco, Colombia, it is considered as one of the natural wonders of the world. The forest boast of diverse plant and animal life. And it is for no reason. It is considered by many experts as ... Read More »

Anavilhanas Archipelago

Amazonas, located in Brazil has something to brag about. It is where you will find the Anavilhanas Archipelago, which is the biggest and largest fresh water archipelago in the world. The Anavilhanas Archipelago is found on the Rio Negro, 70 kilo meters upstream from Manaus where the Rio Solimoes & Rio Negro join as one river. At its widest, the ... Read More »

Amazon Bore

A rare phenomena occurs during selected months of the year that makes the Amazon even more appealing to the general masses, not just to nature enthusiasts and environmentalists. In Amapa/Para, Brazil, there occurs a tidal bore. It normally happens in the entrance or mouth of the Amazon River and is more locally known as pororoca and it only transpires every ... Read More »

Amacayacu National Park

Amacayacu National Park is found in the Amazonas in Colombia, and is also considered as one of the many natural wonders in South America. The natural park is 11,350 square miles (29,385 km), part of the 400,000 square miles (1,035,995 sq. km) of the famous Amazon rainforest. The park was established in 1975 and has ever since been considered an ... Read More »