Galapagos Rift

Galapagos Rift, Equador is a volcanic hotspot located in the East Pacific Ocean that resulted in the formation of the Galapagos Islands and Malpelso, Carnegie, Cocos all which are aseismic ridge systems lying on two tectonic plates. The rift is found on the on the Nazca Plate close to the Cocos plate and the Pacific plate forming the Galapagos Triple ... Read More »

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean, Ecuador goes by the official name Islas de Colón or Islas Galápagos. The island refers to volcanic archipelago islands which are scattered around the equator. These islands of the Pacific Ocean are some 525 miles from Ecuador. The islands and the surrounding waters collectively form a province of Ecuador, a marine reserve and a national park. ... Read More »

Esmeraldas Region

Esmeraldas Region, Esmeraldas, Ecuador is a coatal city that is located in the northwest Ecuador. It boosts of the esmeraldas Canton which is the regional centre of the esmeraldas province of Ecuador. Esmaerada is a major seaport that lies on the pacific coast at the estuary of the Esmeraldas river. Moat afro Ecudorian peple come from this region. The major ... Read More »

Cotopaxi Volcano

Cotopaxi Volcano, Cotopaxi, Equador is a strato-volcano that is found in the Andes Mountains about 17 miles to the south of Quito, Ecuador. The Cotopaxi Volcano is the second highest peak in Ecuador rising to 19, 347 feet above the sea level. The name Cotopaxi means neck of the moon. Cotopaxi Volcano, Cotopaxi, Equador is characterized by a symmetrical cone ... Read More »

Aparados Da Serra

The Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra loosely translated means Aparados Da Serra National Park. This park is located in the Serra Geral range of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. It was declared a national park in 1959 and is among one of the first Brazilian national parks, created in an effort to protect the Itaimbezinho canyon. The Aparados ... Read More »

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a word derived from the Spanish word Salto Angel which means what water fall of the deepest place. The angel falls is a magnificent waterfall in Venezuela. The waterfall is the world’s highest waterfall that has a height of 979 metres and a plunge of 807 metres. The Angel Falls, Venezuela begins her plunge at the edge ... Read More »


Altiplano is a Spanish name that means a high plain. The high plain is situated in western-central South America at a point where the Andes are at their highest. The star attraction of the Altiplano is Lake Titicaca. The Altiplano is a region of an inland drainage found in Northern Chile, Argentina, Western Bolivia and South Peru. The Altiplano, Bolivia ... Read More »


The Pantanal is said to be a typical tropical wetland and the largest wetland of our Universe. The Pantanal stretches over the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Bolivia and Paraguay of Brazil that covers an area of about more than 100,000 square kilometers. It is the home to a number of sub-regional ecosystems having distinct geological as ... Read More »


The large expanse of tropical savanna eco-region in Brazil is known as the Cerrado found in the states of Goiás as well as Minas Gerais in Brazil. The cerrado is the home to massive variety of plant and animal biodiversity. The World Wide Fund for Nature has described Cerrado as the richest savanna in the planet biologically. The Cerrado region ... Read More »

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the popular tourist destinations of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The peak is about 396 meters high and resembles the shape of refined loaf sugar. The peak is the only example of the monolithic morros made of granite and quartz that mount directly in a straight form from the edge of the water from the mouth ... Read More »