This landlocked country is isolated with other countries by its geography and the economy as well. But amidst the economic status of the country, they have performed well as to being known around the world. This South American country also possesses some of nature’s wonders, but it was not until the recent years that tourism has been developed in the ... Read More »


The Greater Republic of Colombia is by far one of the countries in Latin America that exudes mysterious beauty and natural wonder. Least visited but not in the very least lacking of spots which tourists would want to visit and explore, Colombia is famous for the following natural wonders: Gorgona Natural Park Also known as The Virgin Nature, Gorgona is ... Read More »


Considered the poorest in terms of economic status in Central South America, the Plurinational State of Bolivia still exhibits one of the most abundant resources in the continent. The territory is bounded by the neighbouring nations: Brazil (North and East), Peru (West), Chile (South-West) and Argentina and Paraguay (South). It became a landlocked country after surrendering its coastlines to Chile. ... Read More »


Yungas, La Paz, Bolivia is a forest stretch along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. The Yungas acts like a transitional zone between the eastern forests and the Andes. It exhibits neotropic Eco zones in that not only is it humid and rainy, but also warm. The forests in Yungas are diverse in terms of climatic variety ranging from ... Read More »

Sierra Nevada de Merida

Sierra Nevada de Mérida is one of the world’s nature wonder that is located in South America. It is the highest mountain in Venezuela standing at approximately 16000 ft high. The sierra de Mérida Mountain hosts one of the highest peaks in Venezuela that is located in Pico Bolivar. This high peak stands at 16 342 ft. The habitat at ... Read More »

Shell Beach

Shell beach Guyana is a beach that is famous for the sea turtle species. The four main turtle species are the hawksbill, the leather back,  the green and the Oliver ridley. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana in Waini Barima, on the border of Venezuela. The shell beach lies on a 140km stretch. The name shell beach ... Read More »

Sechura Desert

Sechura desert is a Peruvian desert that is located in the south of Peru along the Pacific Ocean, and on the Atacama Desert. It has a 20-200 km stretch in to the Andes Mountain, covering an area as large as approximately 180,000 km2. The Sechura desert covers the area north west of Peru and northern Chile, where it joins to ... Read More »

Sangay National Park

Sangay National Park, Morona Santiago, Ecuador has two active volcanoes namely Sangay and Tungrahua as well as glaciers and tropical rainforests. The Sangay is a volcano that is an active strato-volcano. It is located on the south most corner of the country. The Sangay Volcano is famous for its explosive venting and spewing of clouds of thick ashes which has ... Read More »

San Rafael Waterfall

San Rafael waterfall is an impressive display of nature, over 500 feet high, it is a massive volume of water, that is the largest water fall and it is located in Ecuador. Falling at 150 metres height, they are an impressive and spectacular waterfall. To be specific they are found at the foot of an active volcano that rises out ... Read More »

Podocarpus National Park

The Podocarpus National Park, Loja & Zamora, Ecuador, refers to a National Park that is situated in the Provinces of Loja and Zamora Chinchipe in south-east of Ecuador and which was founded in 1982. The Park covers a total area of 146.80 square kilometres. About 15 per cent of the park lies in the Loja Province while the remainder is ... Read More »