Suriname is the smallest state in South America, as of population and area. It was primarily known as Dutch Guiana or Netherlands Guyana. Its official name is Republic of Suriname and is situated along River Suriname. This land is covered by rainforest and for the same reason is abundant in flora and fauna. Suriname has got a number of attractions. ... Read More »


Guyana can be called as a paradise for nature lovers, the eco-tourist and adventure seekers alike. The country has an irresistible combination of breathtaking and fascinating natural beauty, immense waterfalls, pristine Amazonian rainforests and of course, amazing wildlife blended with a rich heritage, vibrant indigenous culture and the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. With its biological diversity, ... Read More »

French Guiana

As the name suggests, French Guiana is an overseas territory of France. It has a varied and rich history. Devil’s Island situated here, is a highly controversial site, used as a prison till the year 1946. This place is most famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations and King Carnival. French Guiana has a warm and average temperature of 28° C, ... Read More »


One of the most highly developed countries in South America; the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a relatively small country. It is found in the south-eastern part of South America with only the Rio de Grande do Sul of Brazil as the only land border. Several water features surround the territory namely the Uruguay River in the west, Rio de ... Read More »


Ecuador literally means equator taken from the fact that the country rests directly on the equatorial line. It lies in the north-western region of the continent of South America and is bounded by Colombia in the north and Peru in the south and east. Its western shores meet the vast Pacific Ocean alongside the islands of Galapagos which is approximately ... Read More »


Chile is a country located in South America with the Andes Mountains lined on its west and its shores are facing the Pacific Ocean. It can be viewed in the map as a very long narrow coastal strip, but it has a lot of things to offer, especially to those who long for a time to get linked with nature. ... Read More »


The biggest country in South America, Brazil showcases more than jungles and beaches with its hospitable people and great cities that shows the country’s contrast. This country borders all other country in the continent with the exception of Chile and Ecuador. There are many travel destinations that you can visit in this country, along with the biodiversity of their flora ... Read More »


Argentina is the second largest country in Southern America and it famous of for its massive land area which is blessed with nature’s touch and is a home to different wonders that keep people from re-visiting the country. Argentina was a colony of Europe years back and since then, Argentina has become one of Latina America’s economic powerhouses. Getting to ... Read More »


Venezuela is not only popular in terms of their representatives in the Ms. Universe; its innate wonders make people equate the word “beauty” to this Latin American Country. Located at the northern coast of South America, this tropical country can provide you a trip like no other with its rich biodiversity, friendly locals and stunning landscapes. Venezuela is also rich ... Read More »


Known for the Inca Empire and the Norte Chico Civilization, Peru is a country located in South America and is very rich in terms of culture. Peru is bordered by countries like Ecuador and Colombia up north and its western side faces the Pacific Ocean. The capital province is Lima, located in the western part. Peru is blessed with natural ... Read More »